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Acceptance Leads to Positivity

By Shun Hatano, Grade 11
My three years at Stanstead College were the best time of my life, and I'm hoping it will continue into the next year and a half. 我相信你们中的许多人都有最好的经历,以及做运动和和朋友出去玩. 然而, 你是否曾经觉得你不属于斯坦斯特德,或者你曾经抱怨过什么? 抱怨可以是关于运动、学业、人际关系,也可能是关于食物. 然而,通过接受事实和接受自己,这种抱怨可以变成积极的.  
接受并不总是那么容易,但它是我们生活中重要而必要的一部分. 它是关于理解和拥抱我们是谁,我们来自哪里,并对我们的皮肤感到舒适. 它是关于理解和尊重我们之间存在的差异. Many things in life can be difficult to accept. I struggled to accept my flaws and imperfections, or the fact that certain things are out of my control.  
当我来到斯坦斯特德时,一个不同的环境在等着我. The culture was different, people were different, the weather was different, the language was different, and the food was different. This whole boarding school life was different. 你必须每天早上七点半兴奋地醒来,和Mr. Marino’s music, go to class with nervousness, go to sports with a competitive mind, and go study with a sleepy brain. 但这些差异,并接受它们中的每一个,会让我们变得更强大.  
但问题是:接受并不意味着我们必须喜欢或赞同一切. It doesn`t mean we have to agree with everything either. 接受就是简单地理解事情本来的样子, and not trying to change it or fight against it. 
Why is acceptance so important? 因为它可以帮助我们释放负面情绪,比如愤怒和沮丧. It allows us to move on from difficult situations. 没有接受,你就会自动地去责怪某人或某事. I believe this is the reason why sometimes we have complaints, or we feel like we don’t belong in the right place.  
To be able to accept the fact, you have to have an open mind. 你必须花点时间停下来,面对自己的想法和感受. 这将帮助你理解和接受当下正在发生的事情. Lastly, and most importantly let go of judgment. 试着从别人的角度看问题,接受别人的新想法. 
Again, acceptance is not always easy, but it`s worth the effort. 让我们试着接受生活的方方面面,化消极为积极.